[cl-store-devel] structure-objects for openmcl

Sean Ross sean at guruhut.com
Tue Mar 14 11:04:44 UTC 2006

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Kilian Sprotte wrote:
> Hi Sean,
> in fact, I did not find a MOP function to find out.... I was surprised
> myself that this information does not seem to be needed - even for
> circularity stuff.
Hi Kilian,
  I've just committed the code, thanks again. Would you be able to
  test it because I moved some of the code around a bit?
  Currently the MOP stuff (currently imported from openmcl-mop)
  is only really used for serializing objects and classes,
  the circularity stuff doesn't (or at least shouldn't) really use it.

> BTW I have seen on the TODO that you are going to revive the xml backend
> - I think it is a very good idea, it would give me the feeling on being
> able to store data more permanently... Would this be some of your
> intentions too? 

I don't know how much I would actually use the xml backend but I think
it's definitely a nice thing to have. I originally removed it because
it was becoming a real pain updating both the cl-store backend and
the xml-backend at the same time. Now that the cl-store one has more
or less stabilized I'm getting ready to have another go at the xml,
patches are always welcome of course :-)

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