[Cl-perec-devel] allegro port

Tomas Hlavaty tomas.hlavaty at knowledgetools.de
Thu Jan 21 16:41:12 UTC 2010

Hi Levy,

thanks for your quick reply.

> Sure, we are interested and willing to push mainstream as long as we
> don't have regression in our test suites.

I don't plan breaking any of the existing sbcl test;-) There are some
tests that don't work for me on sbcl with the mainstream code but I
ignore those for porting purposes.

> BTW, you are a brave man... you will need to go through all the
> dependencies which is not an easy task.  I would expect most of the
> portability issues in hu.dwim.computed-class and hu.dwim.perec.

I have hu.dwim.computed-class working now.  I haven't published the
fixes yet but I plan to do so tomorrow.

HU.DWIM.WALKER.TEST::TEST/SEMANTICS/TYPES/1 fails on allegro due to my
broken global-variable-type-in-lexenv, but as the function is rather new
I guess it is not that important with regard to perec yet.

> Actually we could even set up Allegro if we would have a licence which
> is good enough to run the test suites. This would allow comparing the
> results against SBCL.

That would be nice but I am not sure how to go about it at the moment.

> I can't read those repos, I get:


darcs get http://www.knowledgetools.de/tmp/temporaer/tomas/hu.dwim.walker/
darcs get http://www.knowledgetools.de/tmp/temporaer/tomas/hu.dwim.serializer/

work for you?

Thank you,


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