[cl-muproc-devel] [Patch] openmcl support

Vladimir Sekissov svg at surnet.ru
Fri Jul 7 11:20:36 UTC 2006

Good day, Klaus,

klaus> Sounds great!  It seems that Rudi is busy today, and since my 
klaus> questions/suggestions did not concern critical issues, I have released a 
klaus> new version of cl-muproc including support for openmcl.  It is available 
klaus> at the usual place, http://www.mu.dk/cl-muproc.
klaus> I look forward to seeing your port!

Code is in the attachment. It was tested under SBCL-0.9.13 and
CMUCL-19c and passed all tests without errors.

My porting strategy was slightly different.

To avoid redundant code I first ported TIMER package of
Zach Beane(<xach at xach.com>) to BORDEAUX-THREADS. It was modelled after
and use the same interface as LispWorks timers. It is in the same

Then I used BORDEAUX-THREADS and TIMER where possible.

So actually it is mostly the port to BORDEAUX-THREADS.

I also made some changes in main muproc code to avoid the need in
recursive locks and fixed some mistypings.

Best Regards,
Vladimir Sekissov

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