[cl-muproc-devel] threads nature and CVS access

Rudi Schlatte rudi at constantly.at
Thu Jul 6 22:46:38 UTC 2006

On 6. Jul 2006, at 21:16, Klaus Harbo wrote:

> We use darcs for version control.  There is no publically  
> accessible repository at this time; if there is strong demand for  
> this, I believe we could add that some time (I am not entirely sure  
> what that would entail).

Just rsync the source tree to somewhere that is accessible via http.   
We can then do "darcs get http://www.mu.dk/sources/cl-muproc/".  I  
use darcs locally to develop cl-muproc as well, and this would  
simplify my workflow a bit.  It's not a great deal though as long as  
new releases don't happen daily. :-)

> Re threads:


> Ultimately, I believe we will scale by distributing the load across  
> several Lisp images running on multiple hosts.

I thought a bit about sending mumsgs between muprocs not running in  
the same Lisp image.  Arthur Lemmens has, in the context of rucksack,  
developed a serialization protocol for arbitrary Lisp objects that  
could be hijacked.  I talked briefly to him at the Lisp workshop of  
ecoop06; he has no interest in factoring out that code himself, but  
thinks it might be a viable method for sending Lisp objects between  



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