[cello-devel] scrolling in da house

Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Wed Mar 31 21:13:43 UTC 2004

Frank Goenninger wrote:

>Anyone needing a specific feature of Cells-standalone that wasn't
>implemented in Cells-in-Cello is in trouble then...
? I am talking about zapping (eliminating) Cells-standalone altogether, 
for all time.

I was thinking CVS would probably (I have not yet learned it) allow 
someone just interested in Cells to just track that one tree (we would 
make sure there was one self-contained Cells sub-tree).

Am I wrong? Would CVS not allow that, forcing someone just interested in 
Cells to grab all of Cello?

Or is the problem that ASDF-INSTALL will not function as I am 
fantasizing here?

Or is the problem that people like me who Just Want a Tarball are screwed?


Meanwhile, back on the widget ranch, the scroller is shaping up nicely. 
I got forced into some framework enhancements at the scene graph level, 
including clipping, and some bugs motivated me to clean out some of the 
old DNA of Cello geometry. And I just realized I am handling clicks 
above and below the scroll thumb as absolute gotos instead of page 
up/down, which I actually like but is non-standard. I'll make the 
absolute thing work with alt-click. And I still want to jazz up the 
scoll bars a little more.

A logical next project will be a file open dialog, which would require a 
pop-up menu for directory navigation and a text-entry widget, albeit a 
one-line widget.  And then we also have the beginnings of a portable 
file manager.


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