[cello-devel] Corman port (FWD)

Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Sat Mar 6 20:36:29 UTC 2004

> I don't know if there's some magic you can perform list-wise that 
> would allow me to post under all the different e-mail accounts I 
> really send e-mail from, but the list would include at least
>   gak at pobox.com
>   garyklimowicz at comcast.net
>   gklimowicz at corillian.com 

Hmmm, sign up from all three? You don't get enough spam now, do you? :)

> Thanks.
> I've been lame about helping in the porting category to date (anyone
> want to give lessons on raising a 15-year-old daughter?). 

<rofl> My older brother pinned a medal on me after I played Dr Phil 
during a trip with his family skiing for a week. Son, 14, daughter had 
her sweet sixteenth on the trip.One brawl after another between Daddy 
and kids. The outsider always has the advantage, because the insiders 
have each other fully dialed in after years of transactions. ie, You as 
the authority figure and long time insider are doomed. :) I also taught 
thirteen year-olds for four years, so the group is not as indecipherable 
as they might be otherwise.

> Why don't I concentrate on playing with Corman and seeing if I can
> make progress on Cells and Cello working with it?
> I'll admit to still being quite the newbie with respect to Lisp
> development, but since my work environment is All Windows All the
> Time, Corman is a good place for me to help this effort. 

OK, tell you what. When I get back from the gym I will stop work on the 
scrollpane (turns out I have to get OpenGl clipping working again, which 
I have done before, but is no fun for a dummy like me) and see how far I 
get loading into Corman. I will punt on the first issue that looks like 
it needs a Corman fix.

For those who want to play along at home (perhaps with CLisp): First 
question is Cells, with the echo GF issues (progn combo, eql 
specialization). That can be tested with Just Cells, tho come to think 
of it the Cells code is featured for CLisp and corman not to do the 
method combo. look for a defgeneric on c-echo-slot-name and re-enable 
the combo if you are keen for trouble, otherwise it can just be left out 
(just there for edge cases). But if the eql specialization on dispatch 
does not work, we have to do some heavy lifting or ping the maintainers. 
I /have/ conceived of another way to dispatch echos (more efficient, 
too, I wager) so we could look at that if necessary.

Then comes the FFI question. (I think UFFI support of Corman is growing, 
but it might need more. I forget where it stands on CLisp.) I have now a 
pure cl-opengl demarcation line that requires only CL, Glut, and my 
bindings to both. No Cells. That would be the next milestone. With those 
in hand, a GLUT-only Cello build is possible (no fancy ftgl fonts or 
image graphicks pix). The latest source has a build sequence that lets 
you build a little, test a little, pull in FTGL, test more, etc etc. The 
finale at this point is the rather astonishing light-panel utility for 
tailoring opengl settings--I can play with it endlessly, and have seen 
others do the same.

off to the gym.



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