[cello-devel] Corman port (FWD)

Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Sat Mar 6 20:13:23 UTC 2004

I am posting this for Gary, who could not get directly to the list. I 
will respond when it comes thru.




Apparently I can't post to the list under my ISP account (garyklimowicz at comcast.net, which is different from the address I signed up under, gak at pobox.com).

Can you forward this to cello-devel?

I don't know if there's some magic you can perform list-wise that would allow me to post under all the different e-mail accounts I really send e-mail from, but the list would include at least
   gak at pobox.com
   garyklimowicz at comcast.net
   gklimowicz at corillian.com


I've been lame about helping in the porting category to date (anyone
want to give lessons on raising a 15-year-old daughter?).

Why don't I concentrate on playing with Corman and seeing if I can
make progress on Cells and Cello working with it?

I'll admit to still being quite the newbie with respect to Lisp
development, but since my work environment is All Windows All the
Time, Corman is a good place for me to help this effort.



Why Lisp? http://alu.cliki.net/RtL%20Highlight%20Film 

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