[cello-devel] Re: Cello

Thomas F. Burdick tfb at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Sat Mar 6 08:37:01 UTC 2004

Kenny Tilton writes:
 > jan wrote:
 > >Hi Kenny,
 > >
 > >At the moment the CMUCL port isn't going well, the only `progress'
 > >I've been able to make since I last mailed you was to find that the
 > >same problem occurs on SBCL.
 > Sounds specific. What is the problem?

Yikes, I'm curious too.

 > > After that, my morale was low so I gave
 > >it a break to work on stuff where I can see day to day progress.
 > I know the feeling. You have the callbacks-from-C patches? (Sorry, I 
 > have lost track of what I have discussed with whom.) Thomas did some 
 > patches under contract to me which should be available somewhere. He has 
 > also been combining those with the similar project already released (I 
 > think). I also understand Thomas was just starting to run the app under 
 > SBCL/OSX in his port attempt when he ran out of time. I think youse guys 
 > need to swap notes.

I'm still here!  Any vaguely recent CMUCL snapshot should have
Helmut's callbacks.  I have a hybrid of Helmut's system and the one I
did for Kenny, for SBCL on Mac OS X.  I expect something like it will
go into CMUCL, because it's needed for PPC support.  I've been crazy
busy (looking for a place in SF, which is even harder than Manhattan,
FWIH), so I haven't sent it to sbcl-devel (Rafael C's probably
pissed), but if anyone needs it, I'll send it here, mostly-untested
and all.

There should be some time coming up, between finding an apartment and
starting my next contract, where I can work on Cello porting.  I'm
pretty good with low level CMUCL/SBCL details, so I'll gladly help
anyone doing CMUCL/SBCL work with Cello, even when I don't have
typing/hacking time for it myself.

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