[cello-devel] Re: Cello

Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Fri Mar 5 04:51:33 UTC 2004

jan wrote:

>Hi Kenny,
>At the moment the CMUCL port isn't going well, the only `progress'
>I've been able to make since I last mailed you was to find that the
>same problem occurs on SBCL.
Sounds specific. What is the problem?

> After that, my morale was low so I gave
>it a break to work on stuff where I can see day to day progress.
I know the feeling. You have the callbacks-from-C patches? (Sorry, I 
have lost track of what I have discussed with whom.) Thomas did some 
patches under contract to me which should be available somewhere. He has 
also been combining those with the similar project already released (I 
think). I also understand Thomas was just starting to run the app under 
SBCL/OSX in his port attempt when he ran out of time. I think youse guys 
need to swap notes.

>I have a feeling I've just missed something simple but I've been
>unable to pinpoint the error so I'll probably have to treat it as a
>FFI bug and dig into the implementation. But I'm really not interested
>in learning the internals of the compiler at present so I'm
>considering <snip> a lispworks
>licence. I'm not sure what I'll do yet.
Get Lispworks. :) Frank G pulled off an ACL+Linux port, and I have 
LispworksTrial+win32 working. Knock wood, should be a slam dunk.

>In the meantime I can get by with a nice GUI frontend in Windows only
>(I don't strictly _need_ a GUI at all but it would be lame not to have
>one, especially when a portable GUI like Cello is available). So I'll
>start working on a Corman port sometime within the next few days, have
>you got someone working on it already?
I seem to recall two people, you being one, interested in Corman. But I 
have not heard of any progress. I have a Corman license and would be 
happy to assist. I would ask you to grab the latest zip (I should put 
one up tomorrow, tho the one on FTP is OK, I have just been messing with 
fancy opengl features to amuse myself during a hard week), sort through 
things until you got a clean compile and then shoot me a zip if you get 
stuck. I would then work on your code base ... or is this what CVS is 
good for? Hmmm....


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