[boston-lisp] Next Boston Lisp Meeting: Monday September 29th 2008, 6pm at MIT 34-401B

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Sun Sep 7 04:42:47 UTC 2008

Next Boston Lisp Meeting: Monday September 29th 2008, 6pm at MIT 34-401B

NB: ITA Software, a fine employer of Lisp hackers (disclosure: I work
there), is kindly purchasing a buffet to accompany our Monthly Boston
Lisp Meeting. Anyone who attends is welcome to partake. We appreciate
it if you let us know you're coming, and what food taboos you have, so
that we can order the right amount of food. Tell us by sending email
to boston-lisp-meeting-register at common-lisp.net. We won't send any
acknowledgment unless requested; importantly, we'll keep your identity
and address confidential and won't communicate any such information to
anyone, not even to our sponsors.


Rich Hickey will give a 90' talk about Clojure.

Clojure http://clojure.org/ is a dynamic programming language that
targets the Java Virtual Machine. It is designed to be a
general-purpose language, combining the approachability and
interactive development of a scripting language with an efficient and
robust infrastructure for multithreaded programming. Clojure is a
compiled language - it compiles directly to JVM bytecode, yet remains
completely dynamic. Every feature supported by Clojure is supported at
runtime. Clojure provides easy access to the Java frameworks, with
optional type hints and type inference, to ensure that calls to Java
can avoid reflection.

Clojure is a dialect of Lisp, and shares with Lisp the code-as-data
philosophy and a powerful macro system. Clojure is predominantly a
functional programming language, and features a rich set of immutable,
persistent data structures. When mutable state is needed, Clojure
offers a software transactional memory system and reactive Agent
system that ensure clean, correct, multithreaded designs.

Rich Hickey, a New-York based software engineer, is the principal
author of Clojure.

* *

The Lisp Meeting will take place on Monday September 29th at MIT, Room 34-401B.

As the numbers indicate, this is in Building 34, on the 4th floor.

MIT map: http://whereis.mit.edu/bin/map?selection=34

Google map: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=50+Vassar+St,+Cambridge,+MA+02139,+USA

Many thanks go to Alexey Radul for arranging for the room, and to MIT
for welcoming us. I unhappily won't be able to attend for personal
reasons, and I thank Richard Kreuter for accepting to be our Master of

* * *

The previous Boston Lisp Meeting on July 21st had only 30
participants. Jay McCarthy's presentation was excellent, and though
his code wasn't Lisp, the spirit of it was exactly the kind of
Metaprogramming that is dear to Lispers.

We're always looking for more speakers. The call for speakers and all
the other details are at http://fare.livejournal.com/120393.html

Please forward this information to people you think would be
interested. Please accept my apologies for your receiving this message
multiple times.

For more information, see our new web site boston-lisp.org. For posts
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