[Bese-devel] Compilation errof for mod_lisp.c

Marco Baringer mb at bese.it
Fri Mar 5 17:27:02 UTC 2004

On Venerdì, mar 5, 2004, at 18:02 Europe/Rome, Giannandrea Castaldi 

> Hi,
> Finally I've installed a new version of cmucl and apache 
> (net-www/apache-1.3.29-r1) and now I launch the examples without 
> problem


> but when I try to access the url there 
> is a timeout.

By default the admin app is at /ucw/admin/ (notice the trailing slash). 
You should see an INEXISTENT-APPLICATION error in your cmucl buffer.

However, 3001 is the default port for the portableaserve backend, the 
mod_lisp backend listens off whatever port apache is listening off of, 
usually 80 or 8080. The mod_lisp backend listens on port 3001, but it 
waits for connections form _apache_ on that port, not connections from 
the browser. Connections from the browser have to go through apache and 
hence whatever port apache has been setup to listen off. Are you sure 
you're not runnig the portableaserve backend?

> Some info:
> I've added in /etc/apache/conf/apache.conf (there isn't httpd.conf):
> ...
> LoadModule lisp_module        modules/mod_lisp.so (at the end of 
> LoadModule section)
> ...
> AddModule mod_lisp.c (at the end of AddModule section)
> and at the end of /etc/apache/conf/commonapache.conf:
> LispServer 3001 "ucw" (I tried this line also at the end of 
> apache2.conf)
> <Location /ucw>
>   SetHandler lisp-handler
> </Location>
> I haven't found in both files SSLOptions and adding I've a failure.

SSLOptions only works if you have the ssl module built, i'm assuming 
you don't.

> Any suggestion?
> Thanks.

thanks for being patient and working through this.

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