Lowercase naming requirement for systems?

Robert Dodier robert.dodier at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 07:21:24 UTC 2019


The ASDF manual says that the name of a system is a lowercase string.
Is that actually a requirement?

I was trying to create an .asd system which has a name with mixed
upper- and lowercase characters and the system is stored in a file of
the same name on a case-sensitive file system (Linux). But I get
"Component Foo not found" for that. If I change the name of the system
and the name of the file to lowercase, the system is found.

For the record, I've pasted the would-be mixed-case named system
below. It contains stuff that will make it generally unloadable since
you don't have my maxima-file hackery. If it turns out we need to go
into this in more detail, I will devise a more minimal example. But
first maybe someone can say what the name requirement is.


Robert Dodier

(defsystem "SolveSolvable2"
  :defsystem-depends-on ("maxima-file")
  :author "Yasuaki Honda"
  :license "GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2"
  :description "Program SolveSolvable2 of GaloisGroupSolver, a Maxima
package for solving polynomials based on their Galois Groups"

    ((:maxima-file "Gal")
     (:maxima-file "FiniteGroup")
     (:maxima-file "ExtendedField")
     (:maxima-file "Stage3")
     (:maxima-file "Verify")
     (:maxima-file "SolveSolvable2")))

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