Please Contribute what you can to the ASDF Fundraiser (now with Doubling)

Dave Cooper david.cooper at
Sat Feb 16 01:46:08 UTC 2019

Happy Friday Everyone!

Now is your opportunity to inject some energy into your technical community
by contributing what you can to the ASDF Appreciation Fundraiser going on

Until we reach the doubling limit, your contribution will be amplified by
100% (i.e. DOUBLED), thanks to the generosity of Franz Inc and another
donor who remains anonymous.

If you're completely satisfied with ASDF, please contribute in order to
show appreciation.

If you're not completely satisfied, please also contribute, in order to
show that people care and attract more energy to the project for continued

Common Lisp continues to survive and even thrive in its way, largely
because of incremental efforts and successes by independently-thinking
individuals and small companies such as yourselves.  With CL, a small
amount of sincere effort can have outsized results, and the same is true
with your donation, however small or large.

Let's keep this awesome power in our hands, and determine our own future!

All the best and have a great weekend,

Dave Cooper
Board Member, Common Lisp Foundation
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