Syntax control code

Faré fahree at
Sun Jan 7 11:39:38 UTC 2018

It's in doc/ in the syntax-control branch (MR !86 on gitlab).
Unhappily, seems to be down right now:
If symptom persists, you may have to use my github backup in the meantime.

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On Sun, Jan 7, 2018 at 5:24 AM, 73budden . <budden73 at> wrote:
> Hi! Where the document is found?
> 2018-01-06 3:53 GMT+03:00, Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at>:
>> I just pushed an edit of in which I try to capture the
>> terminology.
>> Status: several Allegro failures break for me on test-syntax-control.
>> Results from Linux:
>> build/results/allegro8_64-test.text
>> build/results/allegro8_64_s-test.text
>> build/results/allegromodern8_64-test.text
>> build/results/allegromodern8_64_s-test.text
>> build/results/allegromodern_64-test.text
>> build/results/allegromodern_64_s-test.text
>> These failures seem to be due to NAMED-READTABLES not working properly
>> on these platforms, rather than on anything ASDF itself does.
>> Concern:  As I was reading over, it was brought home
>> to me that the ASDF shared syntax is initialized to the *initial syntax*
>> on the host implementation, rather than the standard syntax of ANSI CL.
>> My understanding is that this is done for backwards-compatibility with
>> some QL systems that assume they have access to extended syntax from
>> some implementation(s).  I'm concerned that this will create a
>> maintenance headache going forward just so someone *else* can avoid
>> making some minor clean-up.  Should we just suck it up and make the
>> shared syntax start out with the initial syntax?  Why not break it now,
>> and save ourselves trouble later?  Also, it seems like "initial syntax"
>> is not well-defined, even on a single implementation, since ASDF might
>> be loaded at arbitrary times, possibly after modifications to the
>> "initial initial" readtable.  Finally, going forward, people will be
>> yelling at *us* if implementations change their initial syntax.
>> Unless there's a really important reason to keep this, I think we should
>> kill it.

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