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Faré fahree at
Thu Mar 30 00:51:57 UTC 2017

More progress. Almost there. Hopefully we can get things fixed in the
next Quicklisp release or two; and then reevaluate the compatibility
of ASDF 3.3 (that I have also improved).

Non-essential fixes to:
cl-containers, metatilities-base, metatilities, moptilities, sent to gwking

Work for me:
glkit (sb-cga)
hemlock.base (iolib)
hemlock.clx (iolib)
hemlock.tty (iolib)

Fixes to:
cxml-rng (send by mail to david lichteblau)
lol-re (load-system in perform)
(load-system in perform)
dexador (clear-system in perform)
metacopy, metacopy-with-contextl email to Attila and Gary (load-op in perform)

Plain broken:
lisp-binary -- it's doing lower-level stuff than I care to debug, not
obviously asdf fault.
lisp-executable -- does forbidden stuff with ASDF internals that I'm
not going to support; ASDF has program-op that is supported instead.

I still haven't inspected the spurious rebuilds of uiop that happened
in some contexts. It might be due to my alternating between
quicklisp-enabled and quicklisp-disabled contexts, which might somehow
create cycles?

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On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 4:08 PM, Faré <fahree at> wrote:
> There's a weird bug in ASDF 3.3 that causes UIOP to be invalidated
> when used in defsystem-depends-on, so that CFFI to be always
> recompiled. Working on it.
> But still going through the previous list of failures.
> More fixes:
> cl-autorepo
> (run-shell-command)
> cl-blapack
> (system-definition-pathname)
> trivial-shell (bad
> package sb-threads)
> cl-bson (clear-system in perform)
> cl-cuda (missing
> mark-operation-done, clear-system)
> cl-gists
> (clear-system in perform)
> cl-python (lots of small issues)
> cl-secure-read
> (using operate instead of dependencies, what more with :force t)
> cl-tasukete (clear-system
> in perform)
> cl-textmagic
> (clear-system in perform)
> cl-weather-jp
> f2cl (massive refactoring from asdf1 to asdf3, sent by mail to Raymond Toy)
> More that now build for me:
> cl-bunny
> cl-custom-hash-table
> cl-gpu
> cl-iconv
> cl-indeterminism
> cl-inotify
> cl-ledger
> cl-libssh2 (though sent
> cl-yaclyaml
> Can you tell I'm procrastinating on important things?
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> I have not yet begun to procrastinate
> On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 4:26 AM, Faré <fahree at> wrote:
>> I made another round of fixes based on Anton's test results.
>> There are more systems for me to test.
>> Common incompatibilities
>> -------------------------------
>> * people using deprecated functions, notably
>> these functions for better replacements.
>> * people using clear-system from perform. That's a big no-no,
>> unhappily, it has been promoted by caveman and prove. Bad! Please undo
>> this thing, it confuses ASDF to no end. ASDF will know that tests need
>> to be re-run if you modified anything. If not, you can force a re-run
>> with (load-system :my-prove-system-test :force t).
>> Notable things
>> ------------------
>> * Attila, the -api-impl failures are part of the cl-test-grid
>> infrastructure, not of the underlying systems tested by quicklisp, so
>> don't worry about it. All the hu.dwim.* systems build for me after
>> iolib and moptilities are updated. Some fail by lack of,
>> and some fail tests, but that's not my issue. I also had issues with
>> updating some repos with darcs, but could get a new copy from empty.
>> * I sent a fix to a fork, but the original may be unmaintained:
>> arnesi
>> Fixes I made
>> ----------------
>> I directly pushed fixes to these:
>> asdf-dependency-grovel
>> asdf-finalizers
>> I submitted fixes to the following:
>> babel
>> bknr
>> caveman
>> caveman2-widgets
>> caveman2-widgets-bootstrap
>> check-it
>> cl-vectors
>> madeira-port (fixes sb-cga)
>> prove
>> s-dot (send diff by email to martin loetzsch)
>> scriptl-examples
>> Fixed by my modifying ASDF to not complain about calling require in a lisp file:
>> series
>> Cannot reproduce (could have been fixed by some of my recent ASDF tweaks):
>> arrow-macros
>> arrow-macros-test
>> cffi-tests
>> cl-amqp.test
>> prepl
>> projectured.*
>> retrospectiff
>> screamer-tests
>> shelly-test
>> stump-touchy-mode-line
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>> On Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 3:47 PM, Attila Lendvai <attila at> wrote:
>>>> Failures on new version only:
>>> it's very interesting, babel on ccl fails with this:
>>> QUICKLISP-CLIENT:SYSTEM-NOT-FOUND : System "hu.dwim.stefil-api-impl" not found
>>> what is this -api-impl thing? rgrep "api" babel/ and hu.dwim.stefil/
>>> gives nothing. rgrep -- "api-impl" quicklisp-* yields also nothing.
>>> where is this coming from?
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