Problem with adding input files...

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Fri Jun 30 14:05:37 UTC 2017

Recording the included files (from read-file-form and read-file-line)
has so far failed to solve the problem of ASDF missing updates to the
included files.

I could use a little advice here.  Running the test I have pushed, I
tried tracing asdf/action:action-up-to-date-p.  It is not called during
the second invocation of (asdf:load-system "test-include")

So at the moment I do not see how the flow of control works to decide
whether or not it is necessary to redo the DEFINE-OP.

And maybe DEFINE-OP isn't the operation that should be re-triggered by
changes to the system definition file or included files?  Is the right
place for these new dependencies on included files DEFINE-OP or PREPARE-OP?


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