Needed change in governance

Faré fahree at
Sun Sep 18 16:09:31 UTC 2016

>> Robert: I can revert the offending commit, or merge in yours, etc., at
>> your leisure.
> I don't think we need to revert anything right now.  But I need to do a
> review of the latest changes and see how to harmonize them with my
> UNSUPPORTED-FUNCTIONALITY-ERROR (I am not wedded to my name).
> But I would like a brief pause so I can catch up and get results from
> testing on all three platforms, then a more measured move forward.
I was just, in my hurry, trying to unblock Elias, trying to throw
together a quick functional interface.

> Having merge requests for a while will, I hope, be a good change and not
> too burdensome for anyone.
There are a few merge requests pending already. So far, Elias and I
(the only active developers) assume that you are to review and merge
them. If you want to delegate more powers to us (e.g. review and merge
each other's patches within some limits you define), please tell us
your policies.

I believe all current merge requests (at least those not marked WIP)
should be completed and merged in before release: !18 !21 !22 !23.

PS: After it appear that Daniel K was misconstruing the intent of many
ASDF functions, I decided that I ought to do a pass of documentation
of the code in asdf/defsystem. I'll open a merge request for this WIP;
I already found a few mistakes to cleanup (some recent, some old), and
started !23 for that.

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