Recent disappearance of asdf:bundle-system.

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Mon Sep 12 15:14:43 UTC 2016

On 9/11/16 Sep 11 -2:44 AM, Daniel Kochmański wrote:
> Generally I've seen both functions make-build and bundle-system as
> deprecated for quite a while in asdf source code. While I didn't want to
> get rid of make-build, because it's part of the official ECL build API,
> I've grepped through the libraries in Quicklisp and nobody seemed to use
> bundle-system.

I think this is an example of Quicklisp being an imperfect measure for
the level of use of the API.  This happens every now and then and I want
to take the opportunity to reiterate that "The community of CL users" !=
"the community of QL users."

For example: Quicklisp isn't really about bundling *applications*, it's
about assembling systems out of components, not about distribution.  Of
course, code *might* slip in to QL that is delivery-related, but that
would be just coincidental.

Also: Code used in non-open source projects, or projects that for one
reason or another haven't entered into QL cannot be broken willy-nilly.

No API function should be removed, or modified in its nature without
clearing it through ASDF-devel.


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