ASDF compilation on MKCL now broken for version currently on gitlab master head.

Jean-Claude Beaudoin jean.claude.beaudoin at
Mon Sep 12 08:08:13 UTC 2016

Hello ASDF-devs,

I'd like to inform you that the recent commit Make module provider wrapping
has introduced new issues in the ASDF code such that it does not compile
anymore on MKCL.

There seems to be at least 2 issues, both in footer.lisp.

First, in the call to define-package, symbol *load-hooks* should not be
looked at in package :mk-ext
since it does not exist there but rather in package :si, as the following
form seem to acknowledge.

Second, the call to ensure-gethash crashes with what seems as an attempt to
a function to the wrong number of arguments.

This is pretty much a show stopper on running the test suite with MKCL on
the recent ASDF modifications.


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