Recent disappearance of asdf:bundle-system.

Jean-Claude Beaudoin jean.claude.beaudoin at
Sun Sep 11 12:32:11 UTC 2016

On Sun, Sep 11, 2016 at 8:12 AM, Daniel Kochmański <daniel at>

> Hey,
> now all MKCL tests pass as expected. I've also disabled load-bundle-op
> as a default option (seems like a MKCL bug):

I'll have to look deeper into that load-bundle-op question...

> The issue with the system modules is caused by a muss in the systems
> definitions of MKCL. Namely asd files are bogus – for instance there is
> (repeated) cmp.asd definition in contrib/ directory pointing and cmp.a
> file, but the latter isn't present there. `locate-system' takes the
> cmp.asd from the contrib/ directory and can't inject proper module. I've
> disabled for mkcl find-system check, but mkcl will fail, if any asd
> system has "cmp" in `:depends-on' (and this is not a regression, it was
> like this before and is a problem with mkcl asd files).
Yep, that's a bug.  I had not noticed that bogus cmp.asd before now, that's

> Long story short – everything is as fine as was before this "wave of
> change".
Thanks, I'll give the test suite one more spin as soon as I get an
just to confirm.
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