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Faré fahree at
Sun Nov 20 04:35:01 UTC 2016

Dear Lispers,

back in Linux. Whew, I was really not at home in Windows, though I
reckon it has made a lot of progress since I last used it.

So, for cross-reference, I reported this CCL bug:
And I sent a patch to SBCL as follows, necessary to get (a slightly
modified) uiop:run-program to pass all tests:

I force-pushed my changes on this branch:
And the merge-request is !52 here:

Everything works perfectly to me using asdf-tools from a cygwin bash
with either ccl or sbcl as either asdf-tools or target lisp. I didn't
try other implementations, but looking at the code, most of them
probably fail badly with respect to run-program on Windows. Using CMD
/C properly requires direct access to the CreateProcess string, and no
amount of /S /C or such can help undo the quoting properly in the
general case.

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On Sat, Nov 19, 2016 at 7:07 PM, fare windeau <fwindeau at> wrote:
> So, I was hearing the pain of Elias and Robert trying to run tests on
> Windows, so I dual-booted in Windows, and here is my progress report:
> * I had to fix the .bat files to fix a typo (if exists should have been if
> exist) and put quotes around variable expansions to protect against the path
> containing a space (a frequent occurrence, between Program Files and
> usernames with spaces).
> * I had to remove the .exe from asdf-tools' :build-pathname, which was
> redundant with the .exe added by bundle.lisp, so as not to have
> asdf-tools.exe.exe
> * I passed all tests when running using ccl 1.11 for asdf-tools and either
> ccl or sbcl as the target. But I had to 1- export CCL=/path/to/wx86cl64.exe
> (and/or just export CCL=wx86cl64.exe and put it in the PATH) (using a
> ccl.bat script would fail some tests), and 2- use a cygwin window, because
> ccl fails to (quit) when in a cmd.exe window and has to be killed by the
> task manager (I once had it fail to quit in cygwin, but could Ctrl-C it
> dead) (I'll report the bug on the site when I get my normal
> credentials back).
> * When using sbcl as asdf-tools, some run-program issue prevents invocation
> of programs, probably due to quoting issues and spaces in executable
> pathnames.
> I'll see if I can kluge my way around SBCL run-program bugs using cmd /s /c.
> Or muster the courage of fixing SBCL (unlikely considering that when I send
> patches to SBCL they remain unmerged for years).
> -#f

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