Altering ASDF execution plan

Vsevolod Dyomkin vseloved at
Mon May 30 16:04:57 UTC 2016


I have a few questions about controlling ASDF execution of compile/load

1. Suppose I have performed successful `load-op` on a certain system. After
some time and no changes to the source code of the system nor its
dependencies, I run `load-system` again on the same system. How can I
ensure that no compile/load action is performed?

2. Suppose I have a system `foo` that depends on `bar`. Now, I explicitly
call `(load-system :bar)`. How can I ensure that when I call `(load-system
:foo)` no compile/load action is performed on `bar`?

Sorry, maybe, these questions are trivial, but I couldn't find definite
answers in the docs.

Vsevolod Dyomkin
skype, twitter: vseloved
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