How to fix arnesi:clean-op.

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Thu May 12 19:14:18 UTC 2016

On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 4:12 AM, 73budden . <budden73 at> wrote:
> Hi! Some new thoughts:
> 1. Sometimes we (developers) fail to describe system dependencies
> correctly. Sometimes we just don't know the exact dependency graph.
> But we feel that something is wrong with A system. Just deleting fasls
> or touching the source or specific system helps to diagnose this.
> 2. Sometimes we want to clean system A and then reload system B which
> depends on A.
Using (asdf:make :A :force t) or (asdf:load-system :B :force '(:A))
can help with these, too.

> 3. Am I right that bug with incorrect system definition which loads
> "successfully" is not fixed yet? Touching the source would help to
> work around it.
Not sure what you mean. But yes, if you have a bug in your .asd file,
it's a bug.
At least Bazel builds in a deterministic way. Some ASDF 4 could do it, too.

> These are just some reasons to extend possible use-case list of
> clean-op or what whould stand for it.
In all these cases, a clear-output-cache would be a simpler expedient.
Or using :force :all.

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