ASDF3: How to globally disable output translations on Windows

9nauuk 9nauuk at
Tue Mar 8 02:22:14 UTC 2016


I just upgraded from SBCL 1.1.4 to SBCL 1.3.3.  As a result, I
I had to upgrade to ASDF3 from ASDF2.  To make matters worse,
I had to do this on a computer running Micros*t Windows (XP, to
be exact.)  I'd like to keep object files together with source 
files.  With ASDF2, a 00-disable.conf file of a single line of 
(t t) in directory 
would do the trick.  I was surprised this does not work with
ASDF3.  After poking around for quite some time, I came across
Section 13.5.2 at
Adding a 99-disable-cache.conf file per the instruction at that
section still won't make ASDF3 keep object files with my source
files.  I know I can call ASDF:DISABLE-OUTPUT-TRANSLATIONS in my
.sbclrc but I also have a lot of Lisp code to be processed by 
SBCL invoked with "--no-sysinit --no-userinit".  If you know how
to wholly disable the compiler output cache on a Windows machine, 
I'll be grateful you can drop me a line. 

Best wishes,


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