Where is cl-launch.asd?

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 09:59:02 UTC 2016

> But then Allegro chokes later on inferior-shell, with this very weird error:
> ;;; Writing fasl file
> /home/tunes/.cache/common-lisp/acl-10.0-linux-x86/home/tunes/cl/inferior-shell/process-spec-tmpsoqm5w7d.fasl
> ; While FILE-COMPILING #'"process-spec.lisp" in
> #P"/home/tunes/cl/inferior-shell/process-spec.lisp":
> Error: Object (QUOTE PIPE) cannot be written to a compiled file unless
> an applicable method is defined on make-load-form.
>   [condition type: PROGRAM-ERROR]
> There is a `(pipe , at args) using fare-quasiquote, but it is read as a
> regular list, so I don't understand what allegro is complaining about.
> I may have to file a bug against allegro, but in the meantime, it
> can't load inferior-shell or asdf-tools. Sigh.
The problem was my using an overly old version of optima. Updating
optima solved it, and allegro can load inferior-shell and asdf-tools.

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