Where is cl-launch.asd?

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.net
Sun Jan 10 16:34:09 UTC 2016

I tried to load the asdf tools interactively, under SLIME, and they fail
to launch, although everything seems to run from make.

I get this error:

Component "cl-launch/dispatch" not found, required by
#<PACKAGE-INFERRED-SYSTEM "cl-scripting/commands">

and, indeed:

~/lisp/asdf/ext/cl-launch $ find . -name '*.asd'
~/lisp/asdf/ext/cl-launch $

I see this:

~/lisp/asdf/ext/cl-launch $ git status
HEAD detached at 220b8ca
nothing to commit, working directory clean
~/lisp/asdf/ext/cl-launch $

Is this another oddity of git submodules?  Is the version of cl-launch
in our git repo not sufficiently up-to-date?

Actually, when I look at xcvb/cl-launch, there is no cl-launch.asd
there, either.

This is crippling my ability to fix 1532464

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