user-homedir-pathname on cmucl

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at
Mon Jan 4 17:48:51 UTC 2016

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at> writes:

    Robert> Thanks for the response.  I have a test.  I'm just making sure it works
    Robert> on all the implementations, and then I will push it as a new ASDF version.

Cool!  I've also updated cmucl's pathname-match-p to work with
search-lists, so this problem should also be gone.

    Robert> Let me know if/when you are thinking of slurping this into the new CMUCL
    Robert> release, and I will make a patch release of ASDF for you.  Going

There will be a snapshot coming, probably this coming weekend.  If
you're not ready by then, no worries.  We'll pick it up on the next
snapshot, a month later.

    Robert> forward, I'd prefer to see implementations bundle an official ASDF
    Robert> release, instead of some random git state....

So far, cmucl has always picked up releases as they've happened.


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