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Elias Pipping pipping.elias at
Sat Aug 27 18:54:52 UTC 2016

> On 27 Aug 2016, at 19:45, Faré <fahree at> wrote:
> All these are reasons why it's illusory to try to document a compatibility matrix in the source code itself. This matrix is extremely hard to accurately ascertain and maintain as the code evolves, and cannot possibly be future-proof.
> Please, don't pollute the source code with vain attempts at including a compatibility matrix in it. At best, have the code link to an informative URL, that at least stands a chance at being maintained.

Dear Faré,

I’ve already agreed with you in another mail on that topic, please see e.g.

I’d be interested in your thoughts on the proposal that I’ve made based on that.


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