CMU CL: #+cmu vs. #+cmucl

Elias Pipping pipping.elias at
Sat Aug 20 16:55:46 UTC 2016

Dear list,

a quick and superficial analysis suggests that the :cmu feature has been defined for longer (probably forever) and :cmucl is relatively new(*), yet ASDF appears to use both and mix them rather arbitrarily. Assuming that the check for :cmucl is not meant to rule out old versions of cmucl, I think it would make sense to stick to one.

While `make test` will currently fail right away with cmucl 20b because of the missing :cmucl feature, transforming all the occurrences of the :cmucl feature into :cmu still leaves two tests failing. And with
20c and 20d (which are not old at all and do define :cmucl), 5 tests will still be failing (and have been
for quite some time). Only the very recent releases 20e, 20f, and 21a pass all tests.

Is this known? Is it impossible to support old versions of cmucl? I did find that cmucl-20a at least does not expose (unix:unix-getenv) which ASDF puts to use but I cannot judge if there are ways to work around that.

So to summary what I’d like to ask:
 - Is it known that tests fail on cmucl <20e?
 - What versions of cmucl is ASDF meant to support?
 - Should I turn checks for the :cmucl feature into ones for :cmu?


(*) in a shell,

  for v in 19a 20{a,b,c,d,e,f} 21a; do echo -n cmucl-$v:; cmucl-$v -eval '(write-line #+cmucl "yes" #-cmucl "no")' -eval '(quit)'; done



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