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Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Wed Aug 3 03:40:05 UTC 2016

On 8/2/16 Aug 2 -10:32 PM, Faré wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at 11:25 PM, Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at> wrote:
>> As someone who doesn't use the gitlab interface, it was only now that I
>> realized that there was a
>> I just looked over that README, and realized that it was not maintained.
>> I quickly concluded that I do not have the resources to maintain both
>> this file and the HTML file at,
>> and the latter is what I have been updating with new releases.  So the
>> former must go.

> I'm still not sure what was wrong with the README file. What obsolete
> information did it have or fail to have, that you'd document in
> index.html instead?

The most prominent issue is that it still describes the minimakefile
build process as if it was current.  That is not the currently
maintained build process, and it's not what you get if you simply use
"make" in the asdf source directory.  So if you follow the directions
given in the they don't work.

Better that there be no information than wrong information.

I simply do not have time to fix the

Indeed, I'm not willing to take on the index.html, the manual, the
Changelog, and now yet another file of documentation.

At some point we may be able to bring the back, but I don't
have the resources for it now.  So it has to go.

Best regards,

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