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Faré writes:

> Difficulties making monolithic-lib-op portable suggest that it (and
> maybe also lib-op) should output an object file as if by ld -r rather
> than a static library. Indeed, there is no *portable* way to combine
> several .a files into a single one on a BSD system (including MacOS
> X). Or should that be the case only on said systems?

We have currently bug regarding combining static libraries[1], but doesn't
BSD nor OSX support libtool? If yes, then we can just extract all
objects from static archive and combine them again.

> In any case, that's ugly, and to make a distinction, we'd have to
> extend os.lisp to also distinguish bsd-style unix from gnu-style unix.
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    In one of the comments @Whimse provides a working solution using

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