New version of ASDF pushed

Faré fahree at
Tue May 19 03:52:09 UTC 2015

>> Actually, I don't think there's anything new asdf that warrants a feature,
>> so I'd add a uiop feature only (and uiop has evolved enough since 2.27
>> that a feature could help, especially considering that at least
>> quicklisp distributes uiop without asdf). I believe uiop/driver.lisp
>> is the correct place for the pushnew.
> OK. Should we at some point define a stable UIOP feature set, and just
> bump to 3.0 as a new stable point?
I suppose whenever you release 3.2 (hopefully this year) is the best time
to decree that whatever is in UIOP is the new stable point, and then to apply
"usual" deprecation policies to any API change.

Of course, it would be nice if deprecation support functions were made
part of UIOP
before this happens, though not strictly necessary.

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