New version of ASDF pushed

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at
Mon May 4 13:39:02 UTC 2015

Faré wrote:
> Now, when I did a make bump, I got the following error message:
> Transforming file upgrade.lisp... done.
> Rebuilding ASDF with bumped version
> git commit -a -m "Bump version to $(eval a=$(cat version.lisp-expr) ; echo $a)"
> fatal: ..: '..' is outside repository
> [master 9120cf7] Bump version to
>  4 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)
> I checked that it's the command `git commit -a -m ''` that was
> complaining indeed.
> Why, I don't know. I tried to `git submodule deinit .` and/or `git
> clean -xfd`, to no avail;
> I see symlinks to ../ but only in subdirectories. I see no .. in my
> .git/* or .git* files.
> I hope it's not a symptom of something too bad. Do you have the same symptom?

I did this immediately before releasing and I didn't get an error message.

The only symlinks I find in my working copy are:


and only the first two have .. in their expansion.

How does that compare with what you have?


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