New version of ASDF pushed

Faré fahree at
Mon May 4 00:15:17 UTC 2015

> Robert P. Goldman wrote:
>> I have just pushed [], which contains fixes to UIOP's configuration
>> file finding/XDG functions needed to fix launchpad bug 1437480.

Thanks a lot, Robert!

In backward driver, the (xdg-config-pathname (format nil
"common-lisp/~a/" x) direction)) is incorrect. X can be (and usually
is) a file pathname, not a directory pathname, and xdg-config-pathname
calls resolve-location that will already do the pathname merging magic
so you don't need to format nil.

In the launchpad bug at
you also mention:
> I believe that we should release this as 3.2 because of the incompatibility in the API with the new functions from UIOP.

While I think we should indeed soon release 3.2, I believe that it is
not so urgent that it can't wait for a few more useful changes,
especially since we do provide backward compatibility functions for
the old API. So I propose we release a 3.1.5 for now, and do a few
more changes before we actually cut a 3.2.

He are the few changes I believe could usefully be done *before*
rather than *after* we cut a #+asdf3.2 feature:

* Most importantly, this test-system feature I've recently discussed.
This change is useless until a new #+ feature is introduced, because
people will have to add #+asdf3.2 and/or #-asdf3.2 in their defsystem
files to depend on it, until 3.2 becomes ubiquitous (or 3.3, if the
feature only makes it to 3.3).
* minimakefile. Can we get this in before we cut 3.2? Actually,
merging before 3.1.5 would allow to test the release functions before
we release an actual 3.2.
* maybe some infrastructure to declare old functions obsolete and
issue style-warnings, warnings, cerror or even errors when they are
used. They are a few ASDF2 compatibility functions that should go, and
even a few old ASDF3 misfeatures that could get a headstart in the
deprecation area.
* Conversely, since it is actually supported and not going to be
deprecated (and I've started to take a liking to it), we should
probably move the inline-method feature from backward-internals back
to parse-defsystem or such.

I think the syntax-control branch can wait until 3.2 is released.
Hopefully, it can make it into 3.3 by next year (wow, ASDF moves
slowly again)!

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