Release plan for asdf

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at
Thu Jun 4 19:14:39 UTC 2015

Faré wrote:
> Dear Robert,
> I believe the plan to enable style-warnings for those using deprecated
> functions or missing useful metadata is great, but
> 1- justifies moving to version 3.2.
> 2- requires testing with a 3.2.0.x alpha release series that already
> have a version >= 3.2, so no magic problem occurs due to the change,
> as we had with the switch to 3.0.0.
> 3- is probably many months away at the current rate.
> 3- suggests releasing what we have now as 3.1.5.
> What are your blockers to a 3.1.5 release (besides lots of testing and
> corresponding bug fixes)?
> I really believe it would be nice to get the current bug fixes and
> clasp support out of the door before then. Last release 3.1.4 was in
> October; a lot of small fixes have happened since then, notably fixing
> default configuration on many systems, and things like chdir on abcl —
> or making asdf and uiop themselves comply with the latest metadata
> requirements (note that the test systems don't fulfill them.)

The only blocker I have right now is testing on Windows. The tests pass
for me on all the implementations I have on both Linux and Mac OS X.

As far as implementations, I don't have clasp, mkcl, Genera, Corman, or
ECL, and my clisp is woefully old.  But other than that I have pretty
good coverage.

I'm hoping we can get some Windows tests from Dave Cooper, and if those
come through clean, we can release 3.1.5.


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