Editing component being compiled when compilation failed.

73budden . budden73 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 11:33:39 UTC 2015


  I still don't know what is the official way to edit component being
compiled. I asked at comp.lang.lisp but had no reply.

 But I have developed my own solution. For this I had to redefine
several asdf functions.
 I bind special variables so that current component is known at the
time of compilation.
 Also I define asdf::e and asdf::ep symbol macros that access special variables.

 When compilation fails, I have an EDIT-COMPONENT restart, which is
not needed - it is just a help string.
 Then user should eval asdf::e in the debugger to edit component source.
 User should eval asdf::ep in the debugger to edit component's system source.

  Code is here, it shoud work in asdf-3.1.4 under lispworks 6 or under


I'd like to receive any feedback.

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