[Asdf-devel] ASDF 3.1.4 released today

Faré fare at tunes.org
Sat Oct 11 14:30:41 UTC 2014

On Sat, Oct 11, 2014 at 6:47 AM, Kambiz Darabi <darabi at m-creations.com> wrote:
>> [...]  I recommend you don't bother with the scripts in master, and
>> instead use the tools in the minimakefile branch, due to be merged
>> RSN.
> Yes, with those tools and the change in [1] it was a breeze. Thank you!
> I hope Robert will merge the branch eventually.
OK. What about:
1- we wait for some Debian uploader to upload my package.
2- meanwhile you create a package 2:3.1.4-2 using your tools as a demo.
3- after everyone is satisfied, you either publish your package
  (if it provides additional features) or don't but
  either way you're 100% ready for next release — pushing is just
   ./tools/asdf-tools publish-debian-package

>> When you're done, you (if you are a committer) or the maintainer can
>> merge your changes into master.
> I would propose the following workflow:
> - I create a branch '3.x.y' and commit/amend until I'm happy
That sounds good... except that if the tag already exists
(as created by Robert when releasing),
then you might not be able to create a same-named branch.
You could call it the debian branch, or just work off the release branch,
in a forked github repository (or the official one, when everyone's happy).

> - I push the branch to my github repo
> - Robert and others review the changes
> - I build the package off that branch and upload it
> This way, Robert and others will have the opportunity to veto the
> upload.
> Robert and others on the list, what do you think?
Sounds great to me.

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