[Asdf-devel] ASDF 3.1.4 released today

Kambiz Darabi darabi at m-creations.com
Fri Oct 10 22:53:53 UTC 2014

Hi Faré,

thank you for packaging and uploading again. I didn't notice that you
have already performed the build and uploaded to mentors until I came to
the uploading step.

If I understand correctly, my signing key and my email should be
registered somewhere. I have created an account on mentors.debian.net
and sent my pgp key to pgp.mit.edu and keyring.debian.org.

Then I tried to dput the package, which finishes successfully, but the
package doesn't show up on 'my packages' (maybe because there is already
your identical version?).

Do you have a pointer to some step-by-step documentation for newbies?
I have already read [1], [2], and [3] but find it a bit difficult to
figure out all of the details.



[1] https://mentors.debian.net/intro-maintainers

[2] https://mentors.debian.net/sponsors

[3] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMentorsFaq

On 2014-10-10 16:34 CEST, Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at sift.net> wrote:

> This is a maintenance and bugfix release.  There should be no
> incompatibilities, and many small fixes. The one new feature is an
> optional speedup to system search.  Users who have large directory trees
> to search, and stable sets of systems, can build a system search cache
> that will substantially speed up finding and loading system definitions.
> Because this version does not cause compatibility issues, we strongly
> suggest that implementations move to replace 3.1.3 with 3.1.4.
> Thanks to Faré for many bug fixes, to Dave Cooper for testing, and all
> who reported bugs and provided patches.
> Best,
> R
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