[asdf-devel] Port of ASDF to MKCL

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 19:22:09 UTC 2014

Looks great. A few minor nits and a larger issue.

Minor nits:
* dangling ( at end of line, not in style
* in the initialize-instance, I would still catch the :lisp-files and
assert that it's null. That's protecting against people using it
outside ECL (even on ECL, I'd like to get rid of it, but oh well — if
people need something like that, the right thing is declare a
component that has the proper input and/or output files.
* in argv0, remove mkcl from comment about unsupported lisps.
* you seem to have uncovered a bug in the untested prebuilt-system
functionality it that is not for mkcl only. I tried to fix those bugs,
please see Also includes fix to image-op and a test of
image-op in test-program.script. If you care about prebuilt-system,
can you add tests for it in test-bundle and/or test-program?

Major issue:
I think the way you special-case the hello-world example is defeating
part of the point of the exercise. The point is that there should be a
portable way to build executables on *all* supported lisps with the
same defsystem, automatically calling the entry-point, etc.

That's why on ECL I need this uiop-library-file, to make sure UIOP is
loaded, so we can call restore-image. That's also why create-image
does the epilogue processing for you. I actually encourage you to
reuse the create-image abstraction as is on MKCL, replacing the apply
'c::builder kind by an apply 'c::build-program and/or an apply (ecase
kind ...) or an (ecase kind ...).

You need to download the lisp-invocation library. It includes an entry
for MKCL that is copied over from ECL; if things have diverged, please
send me a fix. While we're at it, please test cl-launch too if you
have time: in the cl-launch repository, run ./cl-launch.sh -l mkcl -B

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