[asdf-devel] BUILD-OP

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Thu Mar 13 20:24:32 UTC 2014

For the record, it's not that I'm objecting to the build-operation idea.
 I'm sorry if you got that idea, and felt that you had to spend a lot of
time convincing me!

My concern was a much more limited one: that the word "build" doesn't
properly convey what is going to happen.

I believe that the operation is "prepare the direct object system for me
to use it."

I don't think "build" is the right word for this, but I am happy to see
some sort of "do the default operation," as long as we can come up with
a name that conveys the meaning to the user.

I think "build" in its normal sense has a connotation much closer to the
things that bundle-op or save-image-op would do.


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