[asdf-devel] Make the CL syntax predictable

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 17:54:10 UTC 2014

Dear Anton,

the new thing to test is the HEAD of branch syntax-control. Please
test with SBCL first. This branch contains my experimental syntax
control, binding a *shared-readtable* around compilation (itself the
*readtable* at the time ASDF is loaded), so that promiscuous systems
may keep modifying a shared readtable under the usual conventional
constraints (now documented: all standard characters reserved, no
conflict allowed or bust), while mutual protection is implemented for
these systems and those that might wish to go beyond these
constraints, particularly so at the REPL.

If this has no regressions, then I'll try to convince Robert to merge
that in master and make it the new release candidate — assuming
Robert's big promiscuous project also compiles with it (if it doesn't,
I explained my more elaborate plan in an earlier email).

If this has regressions, and/or if Robert is not convinced, then
what's in the master branch is our release candidate.

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