[asdf-devel] Make the CL syntax predictable

Anton Vodonosov avodonosov at yandex.ru
Tue Mar 25 04:16:12 UTC 2014

Hi Fare, sorry for the long reply.

Will do it, but was a bit overloaded recently by work and personal tasks,
+ was running tests for quicklisp 2014-03-17 and ABCL 1.3.0

Is you request still actual - standard-syntax branch (commit 2c1107)?

16.03.2014, 09:17, "Faré" <fahree at gmail.com>:
> Dear Anton,
> can you do a cl-test-grid test with the code in the standard-syntax
> branch from git://common-lisp.net/projects/asdf/asdf.git
> (commit 2c1107) ?
> That branch has my "each system gets its own syntax" thing, based on a
> general-purpose "each system has a set of private variables" protocol.
> This protocol allows to designate variables using a string that will
> be parsed later, but doesn't somehow try to canonicalize names — if
> you use two different names for the same variable, you lose. By adding
> :after methods to compute-system-variables, more variables can be
> configured with configure-system-variable and
> configure-system-variables — this makes it a good basis for some
> future out-of-band configuration of ASDF, though such mechanism would
> need to be part of ASDF itself, or loaded early via an ASDF init file
> of some sort to be effective. Some DSL could then specify variables to
> include in a system's private variables, with optional initial value,
> depending on the name and version of the system and on various
> features, with usual rules (or per-system rules?) to inherit or ignore
> other configuration settings. Such a DSL is *not* included in this
> branch.
> This protocol itself uses a new call-with-action-context protocol that
> perform-with-restart calls around perform. This is mostly backward
> compatible, except that existing clients who call perform directly
> (rather than perform-with-restarts) might miss those around methods —
> to get that effect we'd need a new method combination. swank-asdf
> would notably need to call perform-with-restarts instead of perform,
> and if possible to enable the try-compile-file-with-asdf hook function
> by default.
> I tested it to correctly process ironclad, at least.
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