[asdf-devel] Alternate default lisp system location

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Wed Mar 12 14:26:33 UTC 2014

Attila Lendvai wrote:
>> to expose so a :tree recursion there would be very annoying. And please
>> don't tell me to :ignore-inherited-configuration, for what's the point
>> of the default configuration if so many people either don't use it or
>> have to explicitly ignore it ?
> well, for now it's two hard-core hackers, for whom it's probably
> marginal to get things back on track *if* it actually breaks something
> for them.
> but we have no idea about the number of newcomers who fire up an
> apt-get install sbcl for the first time in their lives, and just want
> to try a piece of code copied from the net...
> i still remember how goddamn high the fence was to first climb in to
> the CL+emacs garden. i'm with Robert on this.
> i'm not sure how the defaults would help on this, though. probably a
> very slick quicklisp experience has more value than any of these
> defaults can create.

For the record, I agree with this.  I believe that installing quicklisp
is probably the best first step.  But see my earlier discussion about
Clojure.  I just want to start playing around in a repl, stashing some
code into files as I go.  Please make this as easy for me as possible,
and don't make me grok extra stuff.

I *will* ponder adding some introduction to Quicklisp to the ASDF
manual, though.  I think for lots of people that will be the easiest
path into CL, and there's no reason we should pretend not to know about
it in our documentation.


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