[Asdf-devel] Should MKCL wait for ASDF 3.1.3? [Was: Moving MKCL's bundled version to ASDF 3.1.2]

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Sat Jun 21 17:40:37 UTC 2014

On Sat, Jun 21, 2014 at 12:30 PM, Robert P. Goldman <rpgoldman at sift.info> wrote:
> Jean-Claude Beaudoin wrote:
>> Robert, I am under the impression that this is mostly your call, is it not?
> That sounds right.  I can make a 3.1.3 available.  Unfortunately (for
> ASDF, but not for me), I am going on conference travel and vacation very
> soon.
> I will try to release 3.1.3 in the next couple of days, but if I fail,
> it will probably slip until after July 4th.
Thanks a lot!

> Clearly, we need 3.1.3 because of the hot upgrade issues.
> No other features will make it into 3.1.3, although additional bug fixes
> might.  3.1.3 will not feature the new build scriptage, nor the
> syntax-control features.  Those will have to wait for more in-depth
> screening.
Yes, it's not realistic to add these now, and they will have to wait
for 3.1.4 or later.

On the other hand, since the syntax-control branch requires more screening,
can the minimakefile branch make it first?

Also, as witnessed by the breakage in:
(let ((*package* (find-package :keyword))) (asdf:load-system :fare-csv))
the syntax-control branch needs to bind not just the *readtable*
but also the *package* around each compilation.
I can do that (in that branch), if you want, my plan being to have
a *shared-package* as well as a *shared-readtable*,
defaulting to (find-package :common-lisp-user) for backward compatibility.

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