[asdf-devel] Tests completed

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Sun Jan 12 17:22:22 UTC 2014

Over the weekend ran the full up tests, with upgrade as well as
regression tests, on Mac OSX Lion with the following lispen:

ccl clisp sbcl cmucl lispworks allegro_64 allegromodern_64 allegro8_64
allegromodern8_64 allegro_64_s allegromodern_64_s allegro8_64_s
allegromodern8_64_s ecl abcl

All tests completed successfully.

I would like to do the following:

1.  Add warnings as appropriate wrt changes in OPERATION hierarchy for
code that extends OPERATION classes.

2.  Add warnings for people using ABCL or ECL + bundle-op on Mac OS.

...and then do a release.


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