[asdf-devel] Re: Help with cl-launch

Luís Oliveira luismbo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 01:38:22 UTC 2014

[Cc-ing asdf-devel]

On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 1:14 AM, Faré <fahree at gmail.com> wrote:
> Wow. If asdf 3.0.3 loads 2.14, that's a notable bug indeed. I have a faint
> how that the bug is somehow in something other than asdf itself. Can you
> confirm and give steps to reproduce?

Ubuntu 13.04
apt-get installed cl-asdf (2:2.24-1)
Grabbed the 2014-01 CMUCL snapshot

luis at fusubu:~$ cmucl -noinit
CMU Common Lisp snapshot-2014-01 (20E Unicode), running on fusubu
With core: /home/luis/cmucl/lib/cmucl/lib/lisp-sse2.core
Dumped on: Sat, 2014-01-04 19:49:03Z on lorien2
See <http://www.cmucl.org/> for support information.
Loaded subsystems:
    Unicode 1.29 with Unicode version 6.2.0
    Python 1.1, target Intel x86/sse2
    CLOS based on Gerd's PCL 2010/03/19 15:19:03
* (require :asdf)

; Loading #P"/home/luis/cmucl/lib/cmucl/lib/contrib/asdf/asdf.sse2f".
* (asdf:load-system 'whatever)
   You are using ASDF version 3.0.3 (probably from (require "asdf")
   or loaded by quicklisp) and have an older version of ASDF (and older than
   2.27 at that) registered at
   Having an ASDF installed and registered is the normal way of
configuring ASDF to upgrade itself, and having an old version
registered is a configuration error. ASDF will ignore this configured
system rather than downgrade itself. In the future, you may want to
either: (a) upgrade this configured ASDF to a newer version, (b)
install a newer ASDF and register it in front of the former in your
configuration, or (c) uninstall or unregister this and any other old
version of ASDF from your configuration. Note that the older ASDF
might be registered implicitly through configuration inherited from
your system installation, in which case you might have to specify
:ignore-inherited-configuration in your in your
   or other source-registry configuration file, environment variable
or lisp parameter. Indeed, a likely offender is an obsolete version of
the cl-asdf debian or ubuntu package, that you might want to upgrade
(if a recent enough version is available) or else remove altogether
(since most implementations ship with a recent asdf); if you lack the
system administration rights to upgrade or remove this package, then
you might indeed want to either install and register a more recent
version, or use :ignore-inherited-configuration to avoid registering
the old one. Please consult ASDF documentation and/or experts.

; Loading #P"/usr/share/common-lisp/source/cl-asdf/asdf.asd".
; Loading #P"/usr/share/common-lisp/source/cl-asdf/asdf.lisp".

Exporting these symbols from the ASDF package:
results in name conflicts with these packages:
   [Condition of type LISP::SIMPLE-PACKAGE-ERROR]

  0: [UNINTERN-CONFLICTING-SYMBOLS] Unintern conflicting symbols.
  1: [SKIP-EXPORTING-THESE-SYMBOLS] Skip exporting conflicting symbols.
  2: [CONTINUE                    ] Return NIL from load of
  3: [RETRY                       ] Retry
                                    compiling #<CL-SOURCE-FILE "asdf" "asdf">.
  4: [ACCEPT                      ] Continue, treating
                                    compiling #<CL-SOURCE-FILE "asdf" "asdf">
                                    as having been successful.
  5: [ABORT                       ] Return to Top-Level.

Debug  (type H for help)

(EXPORT FIND-SYMBOL* #<The ASDF package, 39/64 internal, 25/194 external>)
Source: Error finding source:
Error in function DEBUG::GET-FILE-TOP-LEVEL-FORM:  Source file no longer exists:

This seems to be a bug with ASDF 3.0.3 as I can reproduce the same
issue with SBCL 1.1.14 if I load ASDF 3.0.3 but /not/ when I use the
bundled ASDF 3.0.2.


Luís Oliveira

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