[asdf-devel] how to add one more directory to an initialized registry?

Attila Lendvai attila.lendvai at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 16:35:23 UTC 2014

> Sorry, why is it that you put in the line with
> *source-registry-parameter* instead of simply adding the new directory?

reading your answer makes me think i was unclear, sorry!

my situation is that i have a piece of code that collects directories
and then initializes the registry by calling i-s-r.

and then i have another piece of code later on where i would like to
add one more directory to the registry.

i couldn't find any other way to do that than the kludge in my
previous mail.

> BTW, for exactly your use case -- making it easy for people to put
> configurations in a revision control system, and have an entire team get
> their configuration that way, we added :HERE to the DSL for initializing
> the source registry.

thanks for the note! it will probably come handy when i get to port my
registry initialization to the new way.

but first i wanted to get an impression whether i want/should/need to
do that. with your mail i'm leaning more towards a yes now, which
renders the original question somewhat moot.

> [I feel compelled to disclose that because we have so much legacy code
> in that form, I still use the variable asdf:*central-registry* for my
> own configuration purposes, with an in-house library that essentially
> duplicates the function of Faré's directory traversal.]

same here... :)

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