[asdf-devel] how to add one more directory to an initialized registry?

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 16:56:54 UTC 2014

>> You must be confusing *source-registry* and *source-registry-parameter*.
>> The former is the cache after searching the various paths, and is private.
>> The latter is the parameter provided to initialize-source-registry,
>> and is exported specifically so that users may introspect what a another
>> part of the program previous provided, and incrementally modify it.
>> That's a feature that was requested by several users
>> before I implemented it and exported the variable.
> Is this written up somewhere (e.g., launchpad)?*
Not that I know.

> If you can point me to such a description, I will add it to the manual.
The previous message is as close as you'll get to a description, I fear.

> Currently, there's no docstring, nor is the variable mentioned in the
> manual.
That's a bug :-( Sorry.

> * Alas, it seems with the new mailing list service at cl.net, we can
> only retrieve messages from the archive with a precise designator.  I
> have no idea how to search the archive now.  :-(
If you search asdf-devel on google, you'll find that gmane and other
mirror services have searchable archives.

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