[asdf-devel] Latest version has multiple test failures

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Mon Oct 14 20:55:39 UTC 2013

* ECL fails test-stamp-propagation:

TEST ABORTED: These two expressions fail comparison with EQUAL:
 (FILE-WRITE-DATE FILE) evaluates to 3590769832
 STAMP evaluates to 3590766232

Above backtrace due to this condition:
These two expressions fail comparison with EQUAL:
 (FILE-WRITE-DATE ASDF-TEST::FILE) evaluates to 3590769832
 ASDF-TEST::STAMP evaluates to 3590766232

* Allegro "modern" mlisp fails fourteen tests:

failing test(s):  test-asdf.script test-builtin-source-file-type.script
test-bundle.script test-concatenate-source.script
test-deferred-warnings.script test-force.script
test-inline-methods.script test-module-depend.script
test-module-excessive-depend.script test-module-pathnames.script
test-multiple.script test-redundant-recompile.script
test-system-pathnames.script test-xach-update-bug.script

In the past this has been due to simple typos assuming use of upcased names.

Interestingly, on Linux, I get only 7 failures in mlisp:

failing test(s):  test1.script test2.script
test-concatenate-source.script test-deferred-warnings.script
test-module-pathnames.script test-system-pathnames.script

I have no idea yet what accounts for the deviation.

* lispworks fails test-stamp-propagation on both linux and Mac OS X.

Unfortunately, I am under multiple deadlines, and will have little time
to investigate these in the next week.

But clearly we cannot release 3.0.3 under these circumstances.


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