[asdf-devel] Latest version has multiple test failures

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 22:42:16 UTC 2013

On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 4:55 PM, Robert P. Goldman <rpgoldman at sift.info> wrote:
> * ECL fails test-stamp-propagation:
> TEST ABORTED: These two expressions fail comparison with EQUAL:
>  (FILE-WRITE-DATE FILE) evaluates to 3590769832
>  STAMP evaluates to 3590766232
Weird. That's a 1h difference, and sounds like a problem that ECL
would have with daylight saving time or such on Mac. It works on

I modified the script to not be sensitive anymore to discrepancies
between Lisp time and system time. This fixes the test script on
SBCL/Windows, and hopefully also for ECL/Mac.

Note that this is a new test I've just added, that demonstrates THE
defsystem bug that has plagued about every free software CL defsystem
since forever until ASDF 3. I thought the Franz defsystem was safe,
but apparently, it still has a smaller version of the bug; LispWorks,
on the contrary, seems to pass the test, where my memory told me it
didn't; maybe I was confused between the two. I haven't tested Genera
for the smaller bug.

> * Allegro "modern" mlisp fails fourteen tests:
Oh, dang, that's a test infrastructure bug: in the hopes of avoiding
issues on Windows, I modified the output-translations to use the short
:implementation-type name instead of :implementation, and this causes
FASL clashes between mlisp and alisp. I just restored the previous
behavior. It looks like this wasn't the cause of my Windows woes
either, after all.

> * lispworks fails test-stamp-propagation on both linux and Mac OS X.
Yes, it failed to fail. I marked the LispWorks defsystem as passing
the test rather than failing. (The script tests the native defsystem
as well as ASDF, on Allegro, LispWorks, Genera.)

> Unfortunately, I am under multiple deadlines, and will have little time
> to investigate these in the next week.
Sorry for the mess. The last few days, Dave Cooper offered to help
testing on Windows,
and I've made lots of small changes to the test system and fixed a few
UIOP and ASDF bugs,
not all of them exclusive to Windows.

> But clearly we cannot release 3.0.3 under these circumstances.

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